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Mark Mills"I have contacted the big Headhunters who were patronising and despite all of my experience made me feel as though I was wasting their time. I can see how I can add value to companies as a non-executive director but cannot seem to generate the opportunity and just keep hearing that I do not have a chance. In my heart, I know I have a great deal to offer." as said by far, far too many qualified, intelligent and experienced women who contact Mark Mills every day.

Violet Recruitment was formed in January 2011 for women board members to help place women non executive directors with companies looking to find non executive directors.

Violet is the brainchild of Mark Mills, the "Natural Born Entrepreneur" and founder of Cardpoint plc, whose experience on Boards of Directors spans twenty years, despite his youthful appearance, as mentioned in the Sunday Times Sunday 17th July 2011.

"Women Board Members make formidable non executive directors because, as Mark has experienced first hand, their people skills, grasp of problems and ability to see the 'big picture' is unrivalled." commented Mark Mills after a recent successful appointment of a non executive director.

Mark has served on Boards of Directors featuring both men and women board members and whilst all male boards are still the most common, Lord Davies report of February 2011 entitled Women on Boards clearly calls for the balance to be addressed and outlines the advantages of Women Board Members. Its recent update in October 2015 provided further emphasis on the importance of women board members of FTSE 350 companies.

Female Non-Executive AppointmentIf you are a company looking for a female non executive director or are a successful woman looking to supplement your income and make a real difference to a company's progress and profitability, call Mark Mills for an informal discussion on 020 7989 7989 with no obligation.

"I am not a headhunter and have approached the formation of Violet as a supply and demand business, generated from an obvious opportunity to help improve the Boards of companies whilst providing fulfilling and challenging roles to women board members" commented Mark Mills on why he decided to help female non executive directors looking for a change to find the roles that they feel will be rewarding, recognise their contribution and be challenging.

Training Course for Women for Boards Women Non Executive Directors

Mark Mills is hosting a series of one day Training Courses for female Non-Executive Directors in London, Bristol, USA and Canada throughout 2016.

The content will be based around Board Effectiveness, securing positions and the Roles and Responsibilities of Non-Executive Directors.

To enjoy a course, call Mark Mills on 020 7989 7989. Subject to agreeing to Violet's standard terms and conditions, anyone can attend all courses at no charge. Once you have secured a position, Violet's standard charge, deducted from the fees you are paid, of £500 plus VAT per month are payable.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining Violet today with no payments at all until you secure a position!

Please click on the Training tab to the top right of this page for dates and details of courses.

Becoming a female Non-Executive Director

Ping me an email now and we can discuss how this is the exact time to increase your income - email:

You can also link to Mark Mills at Mark Mills LinkedIn and on Twitter @Violetnonexec

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