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Improve the dynamics and atmospherics of your Board

Violet is able to match companies to suitable female candidates thanks to our extensive women board member database of over 1,500 candidates.

The low number of women on boards is in part a symptom of insufficient numbers emerging at the top of the management structure and the under-representation of women in senior management generally. Research has identified a pipeline of 677 women on the corporate boards and executive committees of all FTSE 350 companies, not counting the 116 women on FTSE 100 boards.

Across Europe female representation is low amongst executive board members. 20.7% of all board positions at the largest European companies are executive positions,25 of which only 4.2% are taken by women.


Of the 323 executive directorships within the FTSE 100 only 18 posts (5.5%) are held by women. These executive directorships are usually drawn from the pool of 934 senior executive positions, of which 161 (17.2%) are female and 773 male.

Violet can help to find a female non executive and help to train potential executive directors already within your business. There is a one-off fixed finder's fee of £25k for a list of 5 to 15 suitable candidates dependent upon how specific your brief is.

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