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FTSE 100 Female Board Members Increase

18th October 2013

By October this year women were making up 19% of FTSE 100 board members - a great result, up from 17.4% in May 2013 and just 12.5% three years ago. What that means, clearly, is that there are great and growing opportunities for ambitious, talented women within the corporate structure of some of the UK's biggest firms. Such news is great for Violet and our mission of promoting women into influential board member roles within UK companies.

And if we can help to grow that number towards a more natural equilibrium then we will have clearly fulfilled our mission and developed a true sense of purpose as a company. It is with that assurance that we encourage all prospective female board members to submit their CVs and apply to join the books of Violet. Once accepted, our team will lobby and apply for roles on your behalf, related to your experience and expertise, in order to secure you a non-executive director role.

Our only remuneration comes after you have secured a role that is providing you with significant income, so you can't lose out. What's more, you'll earn more the more roles you take on, but our fees are capped at just 10%, ensuring you keep the lion's share of your earnings. Indeed, Violet will also annually renegotiate each of your directorships for you, which means that you take home more and more year on year.

It is this commitment to our clients that has meant that Violet has tasted great success so far in ensuring that its female clientèle secures the directorships that they want.

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