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Non-Executive Directors

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Why register?

There is a body of research which demonstrates how the appointment of female directors can improve a company’s performance. Female directors enhance board independence and better decision-making is assumed to occur as a result of directors having a range of experiences and backgrounds.

Women take their non-executive director roles more seriously, preparing more conscientiously for meetings and if you identify this conscientiousness in yourself, Violet will be able to provide you with rewarding non executive directorships.

Women ask the awkward questions more often, decisions are less likely to be nodded through and so are likely to be better and you may have found yourself in this position in the past.

Women Directors

Boards are often criticised for having similar board members, with similar backgrounds, education and networks. Such homogeneity among directors is more likely to produce ‘group-think’ whereas women board members bring different perspectives and voices to the table, to the debate and to the decisions.

Studies have shown that three women are required to change boardroom dynamics, allowing them to become more vocal and their voices to be heard. Further studies have shown that the environment for women in senior roles improves once about a third of leaders at that level are female, and that a’ critical mass’ of 30% or more women at board level or in senior management produces the best financial results.

A more recent non-academic study conducted by an asset management firm in the UK looked at those companies with a threshold of at least 20% female representation across FTSE-listed boards. They found that operational and share price performance was significantly higher at one and three year averages for those companies with women making up over 20% of board members than those with lower female representation.

If you could contribute, please call me today, Mark Mills on 020 7989 7989 as you have everything to gain in your career with a challenging and rewarding non executive board position (or two!).

Available Course Dates confirmed for 2016

2016 courses

26th February 2013, London, UK
27th March 2013, London, UK

being held in central London from 10.30 until 15.00

There is no charge to attend the courses, you simply have to register and agree to our standard terms and conditions. You only pay once you receive income from a Non Executive Directorship

Please call 020 7989 7989 today to book your place.

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There is no joining fee or anything to pay until you secure a Non Executive Directorship.

If you believe that by becoming a Non-Executive Director, you can make a difference to a company and see the skills you have acquired make a visible difference to all of the employees, suppliers and customers of that company, then a new career as a Non-executive Director is for you. If you truly wish to become a Non-Executive to make the lives of tens, hundreds or thousands of people's lives better and see the difference your skills can make and hear success stories as a result of words of advice for years to come, please call Mark Mills on 020 7989 7989.

Importantly however, is the matter of your income for contributing to companies and bringing your years of experience to the Boardroom where your opinions will be heard and the other Board Members will see the contribution you make on a monthly basis. You will feel great knowing that you have made a real difference.

Non Executive Directors' earnings in the UK

You should expect in the first year, after undergoing training in the Violet System, to earn £24k to £36k per annum per Non-Executive Directorship (gross) and see your income increase by this amount for each directorship with further increases annually when Violet renegotiates on your behalf. Most Violet Members seek one or two Non-Executive Directorships and you should decide how comfortable you are with the time commitment you will need to make. Most successful Non Executive Directors earn over £100k per annum for 8 days work each month. The additional skills you will acquire will stay with you for life and increase your earning power for years to come.

Violet’s Programme includes up to 10 training courses each year for you to attend at no charge, held most months, and as they are ongoing, these valuable Non-Executive Director training courses will help you to refine your skills even further when you are in office. At these coaching, mentoring and training sessions, you will hear other experienced Women Board Members and be able to share their experiences, how they felt when they joined the Violet Programme for Female Non-Executive Directors and see the difference made not only to their lives, but the lives of the people in the companies they have helped.

In addition, subject to availability, you may receive one-to-one coaching by experienced Non-Executive Directors including Mark Mills himself.

Women Board Members

There is no joining fee or anything to pay until you secure a Non Executive Directorship.

Then, deducted from the fees the company will pay you, Violet receives a monthly fee of £500 and this is ongoing once you are appointed to a Board or Boards, paid from your new income and therefore, entirely self funding.

All Violet members pay exactly the same and there are also a number of social occasions being organised for members.

Fee Recovery

Once you have been appointed to a Board, your first month's fee should be higher than you would have earned, had you not been on Violet's Training Courses. Therefore, you are not "losing" £500 per month but gaining the net difference which is typically £2000 per month for your first directorship. Violet will help to negotiate your fees, you should see your income higher than you expected, covering Violet's ongoing monthly fee comfortably.

Fees to Companies seeking Non-Executive Directors

Violet also charges the companies to whom you are appointed and mentions this fact here, for complete transparency. This helps to keep Violet's costs low for the Women Board Members joining the Violet non-Executive Director Training Programme.
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