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Some of the women board members looking for suitable positions have commented on Violet's Master Class Programme.

Here are some comments:

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I got from the NED session on the 23rd May. In addition to the NED related learning, I found it fascinating to watch and understand the other individuals in the room, their behaviours and reactions, their motivations and challenges - all of us around the table and all very different.

I thought that also an interesting insight in to NED hopefuls - everyone is different, demonstrating what can be added to a board.


Mark, I found the session (yesterday) thought provoking and inspiring. It was particularly motivating to see that someone who is 100 per cent male (if you do not mind me saying!) can be such a champion of women on boards. I hope that it is not too long before our paths cross again and look forward to mobilising some of the positive energy we shared last week.

SB, London 24th May 2013

Dear Mark,

Thank you for an inspiring session yesterday. Every time I have attended a Violet training session, I leave enthused and determined, convinced I will get that non-exec role, and chomping at the bit to get going! 26th April 2013

Dear Mark

It was a pleasure to meet you today. I enjoyed the session greatly, it was useful and look forward to the next one. PK, 25th April 2013

Dear Mark

Thank you so much for a great day yesterday.

To be in the company of such an array of fantastic women was extremely inspiring. And this, mixed with your positive and highly informative approach to being a great Non Exec means that I am totally dedicated to learning more and finding my first NED role. March 27th 2013

Hi mark thanks for today. Didn't quite know what to expect. I was suitably impressed & gained a great deal from the role play exercise. March 27th 2013

Hi Mark

You are a breath of fresh air in a very stale and congested marketplace.

Very enjoyable and useful session and I can see real potential in the new model. March 27th 2013

Hi Mark

I really enjoyed yesterday - it made me realise that, whilst I've been in a lot of board meetings, I haven't actually been in any really effective ones. The techniques that you taught us really made me understand how, with confidence in ourselves, we really can be successful NEDs. Very useful. MH, December 18th 2012

EG, Thanks for today, it was hugely interesting for me. It's given me a lot to think about, and if, how, & when I make my next move. December 17th 2012

TS, member said "I find your master classes excellent and inspiring and I do find myself really believing that I do have the skills and expertise to become a Non Executive Director" December 2012

Mark, a really worth while day. Thanks for inviting me. You have the vision to make this happen and a very refreshing pragmatic approach

SK, 22nd November 2012

21st November 2012, posted on LinkedIn by Bronwyn Hall

While there is evidence that diversity on boards enhances company performance, the representation of women on boards is still falling short. Today I spent time with 20 interesting and intelligent women exploring the role of the non-executive director. Thanks to Mark Mills who led today's program and is actively taking a lead to address the issue.

Evening Mark

Thank you for today, it was insightful and inspiring.

AM, 21/11/12


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the course yesterday. I found it both enjoyable and thought provoking.

CF, 18th October 2012.

Hi Mark

Thanks for yesterday, I thought the session was informative and it was good to meet you as well as the high calibre people who attended. I have exchanged business cards with one or two and definitely plan to keep in touch.

JE, 18th October 2012

Dear Mark,

Just to let you know today was a great session. I, as always, learn so much and end the day feeling that this is something I really can do.

TS, 17th October 2012

Thanks Mark for a very enjoyable day. You have given me plenty food for thought!

Keep in touch

Kind regards, EB, 17th October 2012
Dear Mark, Good to see you yesterday and the course was really great too. MP, September 2012

Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed the NED Masterclass on 18th September. I thought that your style was open and straight and I found it easy to relate to your common sense approach. VM, September 2012

Thank you all for a very insightful afternoon. I wish we had more time but hope as time goes on, I get to know more of you better. TE, September 2012

I hope that you are well. It was a great workshop last week and I enjoyed meeting you all. SH, September 2012
Dear Mark, hope you are well. Just a short email to let you know that I have secured a permanent role, as a Group FD. I start in September and I am excited by the opportunity as it is very close to my original objective, mid tier, in an interesting sector and based mainly in the North West.

It was generous of you to take the time to see me during my search and to provide me with helpful guidance and introductions. It would be good to stay in contact. DS, August 2012

I have been lucky enough pick up two days a week as Part time MD at a new venture. MW, August 2012
Just a quick note to say thanks again for the opportunity to attend 4th July 2012 event. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing about your experience plus the NED hints and tips. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet a few other like-minded women NEDs, and took away a great idea on the look and feel of company financial reports from KPMG. KO, July 2012
Mark, Thanks for the training day - useful as ever. I'm about to sign two NED-ships so have some experience to share (next time). ST, May 2012
Mark, Thanks for the course today and for your energy and enthusiasm. KM, April 2012
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