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The Violet Package

Why did Mark Mills form Violet?

Mark MillsMark Mills formed Violet because having served on a Board of all women board members, Mark believes that women put people first, followed by customers and suppliers and worry about profit last. In this regard, the company runs better, is more fun and tends to be more profitable. Basically, if you crack "the people thing", the rest falls into place and for whatever reason, women seem to understand this more than most men.

Mark believes that women just need to know how to become Board Members and Non Executive Directors and they are skills that can be taught. Mark also believes that a knowledgeable, personable, female Board Member will contribute and influence more than her male counterpart.

How does Violet help women board members become Non Executive Directors

Mark Mills leads Master Classes which are fun, educational and full of real life experience. Mark works through how he became a Board Member and the obstacles he has overcome, how to change your mindset, how to be more confident in approaching the new career you feel you will enjoy, how to enjoy an interview situation and how to demonstrably contribute in Board Meetings. After attending sessions with Mark, you will see how learning from an experienced Non-Executive Director removes the need to make the same mistakes yourself and teaches you the tips to embark upon a challenging, rewarding, fun and profitable new career.

What do I pay?

You are welcome to come to Violet Master Classes at no charge and you will not pay a penny until you have secured a Non Executive (type) position. Once you have been appointed and once the Company makes a payment to you, Violet deducts £500 per month plus VAT and you receive the remainder of the net amount. It is common for a first directorship to pay between £24k and £30k per annum which will net you, after Violet's costs, between £1500 and £2000 per month for your first directorship.

What commitment do I give?

All you have to do is sign Violet's standard terms and conditions and when, and only when, you are appointed to a role, you will pay a monthly fee which is deducted form your new income.

What does Violet do?

Mark and his team will help you to unlock your ability to secure Non-Executive Directorships by showing you how to be seen as the successful Executive you already are and how you are transitioning your knowledge and skills into becoming a great Non-Executive Director.

Put simply, Violet helps you to secure Non-Executive Director roles which you may not have felt able to secure before meeting Mark Mills and his team but that you will feel comfortable securing once you have been fully trained.

"I get a real buzz from meeting women who I instinctively feel will make great Non-Executive Directors because I immediately start to think of companies I know where they could make a real difference. I really enjoy the Training Sessions as there are always 'light bulb' moments (for me too, as I always learn ten new things and refine my Programme accordingly!). Matching women who have not yet found the technique to securing Non-Executive Directorships with companies who I know will benefit from having a woman board member is why I started the business - not only does it improve the Non-Executive's life but the lives of everybody involved in the company on whose Board she sits. That is powerful stuff!"

Mark Mills, Founder

Mark Mills and his team of experienced Non Executive Directors have formulated the most efficient and effective route to securing Non-Executive Director roles for women on boards, which are:

• fun - because why would you do it, if it were dreadfully dull;
• provide recognition - for your achievements and contribution;
• challenging - because business at this level invariably is; and
• financially rewarding - because there is a lack of great Non Executive Directors and if you add value, provide counsel and help the company to prosper, you should be properly remunerated and feel properly valued for your contribution.

Violet PackageThe Package firstly consists of Mark and his team determining how ready you are for the role of Non-Executive Director, considering how to close "close any gaps".

In addition and importantly, Mark and other successful Non-Executive Directors will coach you in monthly Training Sessions with other Violet Members preparing you for the role of Non-Executive Director. These sessions include mock interviews, interview technique coaching and mock Board Meetings, preparing you for you pending interviews and Board appointments. Not only are the sessions great fun and an invaluable networking event in their own right, they give you the authority to say in an interview or Board Meeting “Yes, I have seen this type of issue in a Board Room before and my suggested approach was to ….”

During the Training Sessions, you will see how a Board Meeting works from all sides of an organisation when Mark and the team at Violet show you how your contribution will filter through to other members of the company who will instinctively know that a new force has been brought in and as you hear anecdotes regarding how the atmosphere has improved and you are shown examples of this exciting part of your career taking shape and influencing others.

Some of Violet’s objectives include:-

Ensuring that when you arrive for an interview as a prospective Non-Executive Director, you have been “interviewed” many times, challenged and refined your technique to secure a Board role whilst enabling you to stand out from the crowd;

Demonstrating many different Board Room scenarios and having briefed you in detail on how a Board operates and the working dynamics of a Board, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable securing the role and working in the Board Room; and

Guaranteeing that when you attend your first Board Meeting, the most common comment afterwards from your fellow Board Directors is that “Not only did she contribute, but clearly knows her way around a Board Meeting and we look forward to further Board Meetings with her because we can barely wait to hear her contribution and see how her constructive contribution will positively affect our Company”

Thirdly, to start making progress in actually helping you to identify well paid Non-Executive Roles which are suited to you on the basis of three criteria – type of business, size and geography. Violet is also approached by companies seeking women board members and we will put you forward ensuring that we match your skills with companies seeking a high calibre Non-Executive Director.

At the same time, Mark will ensure that the expectations of the Companies you approach are appropriately set. Mark has 20 years of board experience as CEO (where he sourced and appointed Non-Executive Directors), Chairman (where he sits alongside other Non-Executive Directors) and as a senior Non-Executive Director.

Fourthly, once a company wishes to appoint you, Violet will negotiate your package, leaving professional distance between you and your co-directors. In Mark’s experience, disaggregating yourself from negotiations regarding your fees and also excluding yourself from invoicing and collecting payment is very effective and keeps your relationship with the Chief Executive and other Board Members “cleaner”, less personal and on a wholly professional basis. Additionally Violet will annually re-negotiate your fee as your value to the company increases.

Fifth, included in the package, Violet will register a domain name on your behalf and build a five page website, promoting you to the world and to companies seeking Non-Executive Directors. This is proving invaluable as it generates interest in you and the Violet website which now features over 500 pages of content and is scoring highly in Google searches for Non-Executive Directors, providing interest from Companies seeking Non-Executives and women board members looking for roles. This “team” effect strengthens the Violet proposition and over time, will help to generate further interest and action towards more female representation in the Board Room. Violet also reformats your CV to accentuate your skills best suited to the role of Non-Executive Director or Chairperson.

Female Non-Executive Director at DeskFor the whole package, Violet simply charges a monthly fee once you have secured a position and therefore there is no risk and no money up front. You only pay once you have secured a Non Executive Directorship and then Violet deducts a fee from the monthly payment the company makes to you and you receive the net difference for negotiating on your behalf and administering payments, coaching and ongoing mentoring. Becoming a Non-Executive Director, specifically for women board members, should be a fascinating, lucrative, challenging and rewarding role and Mark Mills and his team's aim is to help to facilitate this as painlessly as possible and on a self funding basis.

Dependent upon your experience and profile, you should aim to net £ 24k in the first year for one non executive directorship, rising to £60k in year two for two roles and by year three, £100k per annum for an average of 8 days work each month. Of course, this depends on your commitment and contribution, and this acts as a guide only, after Violet's fees but before any tax you will be responsible for.

If you want to be presented professionally, have an expert acting for you and helping to hone your skills whilst unearthing opportunities which may not be readily available to you, instructing Violet will raise your profile and credibility and save you climbing mountains to find your own positions.

As is often said to me by candidates "I just didn't know where to start and felt that I was ready for a change and some new challenges. I had lots of experience to offer, but didn't know how to get onto the ladder. Mark and his team opened doors, recognised opportunities and saw how I could make a real difference - he listened to my concerns and saw my potential - I felt really comfortable joining the system and more confident about going into a Board Room as a high calibre Non-Executive Director."

If you can see yourself in this or hear these words and you feel that you could do so much more, then call Mark with no obligation on 020 7989 7989 or email me today and secure the roles you want and deserve, in the time frame of your choice.

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Additional services are being continuously added to further enhance your professionalism. Call Mark Mills of Violet Non Executive Director placement direct on 020 7989 7989 for an informal discussion or email him today.
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